The scope of toll manufacturing services we offer include:

product development

1. Product Development

  • We assist customers in product development including in packaging or formulation development.
  • Each product is made with complete stability tests to ensure the quality.
  • We follow up-to-date international and national regulations for cosmetics which we incorporate in the product development process.


2. Production

  • Each stage of the production processes - mixing, filling, and packing- is always done with emphasis on cleanliness, clarity of system and documents, efficiency, effectiveness, and safety.
  • We have implemented the "Cosmetic Good Manufacturing Practice" guidelines in every process so that the resulting products always meet applicable requirements.
QC Check at Fabindo Sejahtera

3. Quality Control

Product quality of PT. Fabindo Sejahtera is assured through series of quality checkings, such as:

  • Quality examination of incoming raw materials and packaging
  • Quality examination of the semi-finished and finished product
  • Microbiology and yeast examination
  • In process control

4. Product Registration

To achieve the registration number of our customers' products, we provide product registration services to the relevant government agencies, such as:

  • National Agency of Drug and Food
  • Ministry of Health of the Republic of Indonesia